Ahmet Yay CPA Office is a well-known and reputable accountancy and financial advisory firm established in 1985, in Ankara, Turkey. Our Office, with its qualified and experienced employees, guarantees to provide a reliable and accurate accounting service for all kinds of firms, in any sector, all around the globe.

Our Office was set up in 1985 by Ahmet Yay in Kızılay, Ankara. During the early years, the business portfolio of the Office was limited to the accounting services of a few local firms. In 1993 the Office moved its headquarters to Ayrancı, to provide the best possible service to the growing number of firms and business owners all from many different business sectors including the IT, medical technology, automotive, construction, textile and food industries along with professional services such as attorneyship, doctrate and architecture.

The Office inevitably evolved to ensure the best service quality for our customers. This evolution involved developments towards a more professional office structure and acquisition of valuable co-workers including Ali Murat Kura (CPA) and Ahmet Yay’s two sons, Yusuf and Yavuz Yay bringing with them a combination of experience, knowledge and youth. During this process, the Office also opened its doors to international business, collaborating with various colleagues, counselors at law, academicians and economists at international level. Although this “evolution” still continues with the aim of achieving the best, Ahmet Yay CPA Office is already a fully professional and well known office in the accounting and financial advisory sector..

The Office employs 4 CPAs and 1 CPA Apprentice, all specialized in various aspects of accounting and financial consultancy along with the execution of the tax law, social security legislation, the commercial code and the labor law.


We believe our quality of service and commitment to maximize our clients’ satisfaction is what sets us apart from other CPA offices and enables us to continue adding more and more high-profile clients to our business portfolio.

Our approach focuses upon each client’s business background, the sector it belongs and its various needs and goals. Our aim is to provide clear and accurate data completely suitable to make analysis upon, and to submit these crucial information to the client in a decent and comprehensible manner. As Ahmet Yay CPA Office, we can assure to provide the best quality and flawless service regarding accounting and financial consultancy.